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Ass Kickin' Snack Mix

HABANERO PEPPER HOT PEANUT SNACK MIX: The perfect spicy hot peanut snack mix with peanuts, cashews, rice crackers, sesame sticks, and pretzels for the fans of the heat. Challenge yourself to make it through a can!
  • SPICY HOT PEANUTS: Our peanuts bring spicy flavor to the next level. If you can take the heat, this delicious snack mix will be your new go-to snack when want something crunchy and spicy with a natural taste.
  • ON THE RUN: Whenever you need a snack “on the run” and you need to stay moving through your busy day. This is the perfect food to power you through a tough workout, long workdays, and the ever-growing to-do lists.
  • SATISFY YOUR HUNGER: This spicy hot snack mix is packed with protein. It does an excellent job of satisfying hunger not to mention they are packed with Vitamin E. Perfect spicy snack for the busy body. With all the different flavors, there is a good snack for everyone.
  • VERSATILE SNACKING: Beneficial snacking is great for the entire family and with a wide variety of mixes means there’s something for everyone. Enjoy them as an appetizer for game night or take them during your travels or every day.

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