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Retro Free Ice Water T-Shirt


1965, you and your family are on your first road trip across South Dakota. The trip was mostly an excuse to drive your brand new 65' cherry red Chevy Impala. The only downside to this new car is that the air conditioning is on the fritz and its a typical hot July day. Your twin daughters in the backseat start complaining how thirsty they are, and suddenly you start noticing the Wall Drug billboards appear "FREE Ice Water, Wall Drug, 200 Miles!".  Reluctant at first it took your twin daughters and your wife to convince you that it was a must stop along this long road trip, not to mention you realized you needed gas in 200 miles. As you pull up to Wall Drug you are greeted by similar wary travelers.  You and your family make your way inside, to be greeted by ice.cold.water.  The billboards did not lie, there really WAS free ice water.

I imagine this is what the average Wall Drug billboard looked like in 1965 along Interstate 90. Spread happiness and free ice water everywhere you go with this soft and cozy blue t-shirt.  

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