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Black Hills Honey Farms Bee Balmz


Great natural healing in a convenient little 24 gr jar. Harness the natural healing power  of honey in these 4 great formulas.  Made in South Dakota!

HONEY & PROPOLIS (Burn Ointment): Great for sunburns, insect bites, burns, itchy skin. Topical anti-bacterial balm!
PATCHOULI & SAGE (Healing Salve): Ideal for delicate skin around eye, great for acne.
EUCALYPTUS & PEPPERMINT (Chest Rub/Sinus Remedy): Apply to chest & back of neck to relieve nasal & chest congestion.
PEPPERMINT & LAVENDER (Headache Balm): Apply to temples, forehead, behind ears to relieve headache naturally. Relieves stress.
Made in the USA!

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